About KUganda

kuganda_projektuebersichtKUganda is an educational project of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Its aim is to enable students to come into contact with various educational contexts during their time at university in order to open their eyes for the global challenge of educational justice and to initiate cross-cultural learning. This is why students and lecturers from Eichstätt travel to Kampala year by year in order to organise workshops, develop teaching materials, try out pedagogical ideas and concepts through team-teaching, and target fund-raising for books and teaching aids.

Beyond the projects at different schools, we have established an educational radio station, “Radio Hope Kampala”, in cooperation with the Bavarian Radio, represented by Prof. Dr. Dr. Spanner-Ulmer, who took up the patronage of our project. With this radio station, we want to reach families that live far away from schools and therefore often not able to read and write. Furthermore, together with SES and Online Congress, we are working on the possibility of continuous exchange between all partners, which we want to achieve by a satellite-based interactive live collaboration platform.