Teacher Training and Development

KUganda complies with our university’s principle of sustainability. We understand ourselves as active dialogue partners in global educational processes. Learning to deal with completely new classroom situations and cultural challenges greatly benefits our students: due to the necessary reduction of media use to the minimum, the teacher as a person is called for once again. In order to satisfy the local requirements (teaching more than 100 students in English), trainees have to rethink their way of teaching from scratch – and can thereby also learn how to face the various arising challenges of everyday teaching.

The Catholic University looks at teacher training as one of its prime obligations and understands education as a task for society as a whole. Our idea of education is based on the Christian conception of the human being and thus aims to create learning arrangements that value each student as an individual. Our project aim lies in teacher training and development:

  • Building intercultural cooperative partnerships and furthering the global networking of educational institutions.
  • Providing internships in order to promote the exchange between different teaching realities.
  • Exchanging teaching methods and concepts, thus furthering creativity in teaching and encouraging students to take over responsibility.
  • Supporting (future) teachers through teacher training and development.
  • Setting up a satellite-based platform for academic cooperation.

The letter of the headmaster of one of our partner schools in Kampala, Uganda, documents what sustainable effects these workshops have.