Radio Hope Kampala

Radio Hope is a Ugandan-German radio project in Kampala, Uganda. A team of Ugandan pedagogues and volunteers as well as German students is currently realising an educational radio station, which will be used to broadcast contents concerning Ugandan culture, traditions, literature as well as hygiene and infection protection. For these aims, radio broadcasting is especially suitable as Uganda has a strong oral tradition and as a large percentage of the population does not read or write. Since February 2014, Radio Hope streams its broadcasts regularly on, as web-based distribution is comparatively affordable and could be realised without having to buy an expensive radio mast or radio licenses. For the future, we plan to go one step further by changing from online to VHF and thus reaching even more Ugandans.

Sustainable Cooperation
After the launch of Radio Hope could be realised in spring 2014, the current task is now to make regular broadcasts possible and to continuously improve our contents in order to gain more and more listeners. To keep up the cooperation, students of the Catholic University will support the Radio Hope team in Kampala from time to time, for periods of three weeks or even a whole semester. At the same time, the Ugandan team is supported by the German team members via e-mail, Skype and Facebook.

Radio Hope’s radio studio is accommodated in rooms of the PCE in Kampala. Since 2002, the PCE offers workshops and teacher development courses in order to establish educational standards at participating schools. Participants include social workers, headmasters, teachers, students, parents and university lecturers. Furthermore, the PCE cooperates closely with the Ministry of Education and Sports, MOE, in Uganda.
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